22 Film Selections And 18 Awards for ‘B for Balloon’ Says Anmol Arora

The short film “B for Ballon” director Anmol Arora says that he was nervous about the release of the film, which drew 22 film selections and 18 awards.

Filmmaker Anmol Arora was interacting with media on Wednesday to promote his critically acclaimed short film “B for Ballon”.

Talking about the film, which marks the debut of Anmol Arora, he said, “After the film was ready, I was not confident enough to release it, maybe I was a bit nervous because this was my first film. So the short film remained on my laptop for a very long time. Later a friend of mine suggests that I must send my short debut creation to the film festival. And what do you know; it got an award for best short film at MIAMI Independent film festival. We have 22 film selections and 18 awards for my short film. Only after that my producer Jitendra Rai urged me to release the film and last Friday we released it” he added.

The film is produced by Jitendra Rai under Matheno Films and Anuj Chaudhry from Footprints Production (CO-PARTNER). The film is garnering massive appreciation on social media. The film chronicles the life of a balloon seller kid on the streets.

Filmmaker Anmol also said that he’d always wondered about the film of these kids and that is where the idea of the film generated.

He said, “I often wondered about the lives of slum kids, the ones you usually find on street-signals selling balloons, and from there the idea began. Initially, a lot of people told me this idea won’t work and it is not a good script. But then Jitendra Rai, the producer of my short film, who has been an avid supporter of social message oriented films, stepped up, gave me confidence and a very small budget to make the film”

Filmmaker Anmol also added that making the film was challenging but eventually turned out to be the most rewarding.

He said, “Thanks to Jitendra Rai and people around me, who supported me immensely. But the most challenging task was to find the Balloon Boy, the one who fits in the character. There also my producer helped, suggested child artist Tirupati, who has earlier worked in Hawa Hawaii. We did some workshops and began shooting. The entire process of challenging and taxing but the entire journey was most rewarding”

Talking about his future projects, Anmol said, “Currently, I am working on another script and I took inspiration from society for this one.