A fan goes down on her knees and proposes Aditya

A fan goes down on her knees and proposes Aditya

Sunday, 31st January 2016, witnessed Bandra’s Bandstand come to a standstill as Aditya Roy Kapur ventured out for a cup of coffee.

The young Actor walked in a coffee shop by the sea side and the news spread like wild fire!

In no time the popular suburban destination witnessed fan frenzy.

Just when Aditya was interacting with his female fans, a young girl barged in and went down on her knees confessing her love for Aditya.

The impromptu proposal came in as a pleasant surprise to Aditya.

Watching a girl on her knees made him feel embarrassed, so immediately even Aditya went on his knees and gave all his attention to this crazy fan of his.

The girl fan then gave a flower to Aditya and said, “From RJ (Rahul Jaykar) to Noor you have only been my Tum hi ho.”

Gushing with glee, Aditya requested the young girl to stand up and then obliged her with a hug, thanking her for her sweet gesture.

This gesture was one of a kind and sure did define the extent of “Fitoor” the girl has for Aditya Roy Kapur

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