A Person’s Life Is a Teacher Itself: Javed Akhtar

A Person’s Life Is a Teacher Itself: Javed Akhtar

Veteran lyricist and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar who is well known all across among Bollywood movie buffs for his works, was all present yesterday to showcase his support and launch singer Richa Sharma’s first single song , ‘Ranglee’.

Javed at the event looked all pleasant at the launch as he happily posed for some pictures and interacted with the media present over there.

During the interaction with media he was asked, apart from school and college what have he learnt and from whom.

To which Javed replied, “College is a place which sharpens an individual to face life, but then we keep on learning, as the process of learning is something which is never ending.”

“According to me the biggest school in the world is life itself. I do agree that one does require formal learning, as formal learning enables one to learn and gain knowledge, but then one has to learn by themselves. And biggest teacher for an individual is his/her life itself.” added the film writer.