Aamir Khan “Weight gain and Weight loss” for Dangal

Aamir Khan “Weight gain and Weight loss” for Dangal

Versatile Actor, Aamir Khan is known for his craftsman skill which includes detailing and body work. Last he was seen sporting six pack abs in his movie PK, which is still ruling the box-office, and right after that he jumped into “weight gain” for Dangal.

He gained 30 plus kilos for his role of wrestler in Dangal! Nitesh tiwari directorial biographical sports drama is produced by Disney Studio India, starring Aamir Khan portraying the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat!

Now what is interesting that Aamir khan would not only seen in “Flabby Avatar” but he will be seen in his famous six-packs ripped avatar too in Dangal.

So first weight gain, than weight loss, Mr. Perfectionist sure put his heart, body and soul in any given role.

“We start shooting in September. September, October, November, December, four months we shoot. Then, I have to lose weight.” Says Aamir Khan.

Now one would think, he should have shot the fit part before weight gain, but here is what actor has to say about it, “I prefer the other way round. I have four months in which to get to nine percent body fat. Again come back to nine per cent, the look I had in Dhoom:3.  That’s the other part of the look. So I’ll shoot that in May. It will take me four months, January, February, March, April to get into shape. So in that period of getting back into shape, I won’t be able to shoot.  That’s when I will hear scripts, read scripts to plan for the future”!

Brilliant, isn’t it! Dangal is scheduled to release on 23 December 2016.

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