Action Should Be Believable Says Sunny Deol

Action Should Be Believable Says Sunny Deol

Action superstar Sunny Deol is still an old-timer, who puts his money on believability rather than special effects and VFX.

Sunny Deol was interacting with media at the trailer launch of forthcoming action-thriller Blank, which also stars debutante Karan Kapadia.

Talking about rawness and rustic nature of his action in cinema, which lacks special effects lustre, Sunny said, “In cinema whatever we do should be believable, otherwise one doesn’t enjoy it, I mean ever since I’ve been doing action films, I have done everything by myself, at that time everything was raw, and I don’t know when everything started changing”

“But definitely every motion or whatever it is, an action is an emotion, it should be believable, we do go little larger than life, but we should believe that it is possible” he added.

Bollywood has seen resurgence in patriotic drama in last few years, and Sunny Deol has done certain patriotic character and theme based film in the past. When asked about his view on the Patriotic films today, Sunny Deol said, “Some of the films I’ve done are patriotic in nature and people somehow connect with me more. It was never a sale-able thing which we did, but now the whole world is changing, everything has become marketing”

“So everything has to have a reason, why we do, what we do and then we all want to make graphs about it, everybody does that nowadays. So that is what’s happening right now. People make things according to seasons”

The film also features Ishita Dutt and produced by Rahul Gandhi. The film releases on May 3, 2019.

By News Helpline