Ajay Devgn is very secure as a person says Nana Patekar

Ajay Devgn is very secure as a person says Nana Patekar

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Veteran actor launched trailer of his upcoming Marathi film ‘Aapla Manus’ along with Viacom 18’s COO Ajit Andhare, Sumeet Raghavan, Iravati Harshe, Satish Rajwade and Abhinav Shukla on Thursday in Mumbai. During media interaction Nana Patekar said that Ajay Devgn is very secure as a person.

Ajay Devgn and Nana Patekar has worked together in films like ‘Apaharan’ and ‘Rajneeti’ and now, Ajay Devgn is making his debut as producer in Marathi film industry by producing ‘Aapla Manus’ so when asked Patekar how Ajay Devgn was as producer in this film, to that, Patekar said, “He doesn’t used do anything as a producer but he always wanted to improve quality and scale of this film by providing financial support as producer. When I worked with him in Hindi films, I never saw insecurity in him. He is very secure as person. He doesn’t thinks about what will happen when other actors will perform better than me. He always focuses on his own craft and he doesn’t think what people will think about him. As a producer also, he came on sets only once or twice and he never used to interfere in making of the film. I think you when you trust someone then it becomes easy to work along with them”

Nana Patekar has been always choosy while making selection of films, so when asked him the reason about it, he said, “I feel the more you put your effort and do your homework about your project there are greater chances that project will be successful. Each actor has its own limitations. Usually, I take 1-1.5 years to make one film and when you have good actors with you like Sumeet (Raghavan) and Iravati (Harshe), then it becomes easy to work in a film. I feel when actors help each other to improve their craft then only you can make good films”

Nana Patekar has worked with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  film ‘Khamoshi’ and now, Bhansali’s upcoming film ‘Padmaavat’ has been surrounded by controversy since the shooting of that film, so when asked Patekar whether it  is difficult to make a film which involves historical  drama, to that, Patekar said, “Nothing is difficult. Eventually that film is getting released everywhere. I feel if you present wrong facts in the film then they people will react to it otherwise, they will not react to it. My films never faced any controversies. My film ‘Krantiveer’ had so much bold statements in it. Audience can see that if you are presenting the truth or taking wrong benefit from it”

‘Aapla Manus’ explores the story of a young couple living with the man’s father, juggling the pressures of urban life and managing the complexity of relationships. An unexpected incident forces them to question their beliefs about their life and family.

‘Aapla Manus’ is presented by Viacom 18 Pictures which stars veteran actor Nana Patekar alongside Sumeet Raghavan and Irawati Harshe. The film, produced by Ajay Devgn Fflims, Abhinav Shukla & Watergate Marathi Motion Pictures in association with Shree Gajanan Chitra, is directed by Satish Rajwade.

‘Aapla Manus’ is scheduled to release on 9th February, 2018.

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