Akshara Haasan has found peace in Buddhism

Akshara Haasan has found peace in Buddhism

Actress said she wants to reach the peak but by living life on her terms. Akshara Haasan, who had made her Bollywood debut with R Balki’s satire, ‘Shamitabh’, alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush, followed by the rom-com ‘Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana’, is currently promoting her forthcoming Tamil film, ‘Vivegam’, with South superstar Ajith Kumar.

And while chatting, the 25-year-old actress admitted that she has embraced Buddhism, taking even her filmmaker-father by amazement. Kamal Haasan took to the social media, stating, “Hi. Akshu. Have you changed your religion? Love you, even if you have. Love unlike religion is unconditional. Enjoy life. Love Your Bapu.” When contacted, Akshara clarified, “I have not converted to Buddhism, I am still an atheist, but I have embraced Buddhism as a way of life. A friend of mine has been following it and my conversations with him along with my curious mind and my parents’ (Kamal and Sarika) open mindedness made me contemplate. Gautam Buddha, himself, didn’t want to be looked up to as God, he found nirvana by following the path, which he had created for himself. I too want to reach the peak by following my own path and living life on my own terms.”

The actress asserts that the faith has made her a better person. Today, she understands that one should be kind and not hurt anyone. “My actions speak louder than words. Yes, all of us make mistakes at times, but we must learn from them and move on. Today, I am at peace with myself and also at peace with everyone around me,” said Akshara, who had discussed the ‘path’ with her actress-sister Shruti. “We are an open-minded family and accept each other for what we are. She was very encouraging.”

She maintains that Buddhism has definitely made her life more enriching and refining. “I am really happy, I wish I could have met Buddha,” she signs off with a pleased smile.

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