Akshay Kumar makes a difference to a stuntman’s life on “Zee Cine Awards 2016”

Akshay Kumar makes a difference to a stuntman’s life on “Zee Cine Awards 2016”

Superstar Akshay Kumar’s open letter in support for the stuntmen who are the real heroes has shaken the industry and how! To make his heartfelt appeal a reality of supporting those who risk their lives to make an actor a hero, Akshay Kumar took a historic initiative to honour and felicitates stuntmen of India who have lost their lives performing risky action sequences. The first stuntman to be felicitated is Raju who tragically lost his life while on the job.  Akshay personally gave a cheque of Rs. 11 lacs to Raju’s family and this will be showcased at the prestigious Lux Zee Cine Awards 2016 premiering tonight on Zee Cinema at 7 PM.
Accepting the award were Raju’s wife, two kids and his brother Mehboob. Raju had lost his life during the shoot of Akshay’s film, Jaanwaar when he lost control of a car during an action sequence. Akshay was extremely moved by the presence of the stuntman’s son at the ceremony who was born twenty days after the death of Raju and his daughter, just one year old at the time of the unfortunate incident, is 18 years today.
The iconic superstar, Akshay Kumar wrote in his letter dedicated to stuntmen, “I know winning an award isn’t enough for what you all painfully go through for these million dollar projects, but it would be a little start, yet sadly our fraternities are barely even honouring you with that. I just want you to know coming from a Stunt/Actor like myself, I Admire, Respect, Honour & am Eternally Grateful for everything you all do, my children still have their Father in one piece because there is always someone prepared to take the fall that I may not be able to take one day. To all the ‪#‎Stuntmen I have ever worked alongside around the World, you are in my & my family’s prayers. You deserve so much more than a wage packet, & I hope I live long enough to see a change.”
Besides felicitating a stuntman with a cash reward from Akshay, ZEE is introducing a special award on ZCA 2016 called The ‘Stunt Person of the Year Award’. Akshay announced the nominees for this category and the first winner is Amit Grover for his bike stunt in the movie ‘Shamitabh’. Since Amit was out of town, Akshay mentioned that he will personally give the award to Amit.

Extremely moved by making this initiative a reality, Akshay Kumar will present this award annually at Zee Cine Awards from this year.

Don’t miss this heartwarming tribute to stuntmen at Lux Zee Cine Awards 2016 on Zee Cinema at 7 PM

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