Amazon India cheated Sonakshi Sinha

Amazon India cheated Sonakshi Sinha

Bollywood Actor Sonakshi Sinha has been cheated by Amazon India and the angry “Dabbang” actor has broken down on social media and the online shopping company has started fluttering.

We all like shopping online. But sometimes in the online shopping, the common man becomes victim of fraud. Famous online shopping company Amazon has done fraud with actor Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi Sinha shares photo of Amazon, a famous Facebook site selling products on her social media. The poor material from Amazon has forced Sonakshi Sinha to share a photo of poor product on Twitter.

Sonakshi Sinha wrote, “O Amazon India, I had ordered the headphones of Bose, but look at her what I found! Well packed, and looking at the unopened box looked right … but just out of the box. And let’s tell you not to help your customer care, and it is doing more painful things. “

Tell us, Sonakshi Sinha asked Bose’s headphones for the number one company selling Amazon products online. When a fully packed box arrived at Sonakshi Sinha’s house, she found some other stuff instead of headphones, which are completely strangled and junked. Sonakshi Sinha has immediately complained about tagging Amazon and Bose company on Twitter looking at this bad stuff instead of headphones.

In another tweet, Sonakshi Sinha wrote, “Want to buy any new shiny head fones, 18000 rupees …? (Yes, this is theft) Do not worry, I am selling, not Amazon India, you will get what you are ordering “

Tell me, Sonakshi Sinha is shooting the mission of Mangal das these days.

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