Amitabh Bachchan hits back!

Amitabh Bachchan hits back!

Amitabh Bachchan hits back motorist who is unhappy with traffic jam outside Big B house due to his Sunday “meet & greet” with fans outside his house, and calling him a “third rated actor”

Big B, who has a meet-and-greet session with his fans every Sunday, responded to the complaint of the motorist on his official blog.

“Now as the pictures get loaded, one sees the faces of elation and joy, of the keen vantage positions taken, of the poor little children riding piggy back on parent’s shoulders wondering why they are being subjected to this ordeal, of traffic snarls and irritated motorists who honk for space and desire to move on…of traffic sufferers, who write in as a response on FB (Facebook).

“Their disgust at this fake appreciation for a celebrity, and how the celebrity should care about the traffic, of how he should not hold these travellers to discomfort by coming out of his home, of how he should prevent this by hiring a ground near by and meet his fans or ‘whatever they are called’ (his words, not mine),” Big B shared on his official blog.

“Instead of causing this trouble for those that do not wish to see this old aged actor, of suggesting that the actor go to Juhu beach every Sunday and hold his ‘meetings’ there since there is a ‘lot of space’ and avoid the delays that he has to go through waiting for the crowds to clear so he can pass by on the road, for he has ‘no intention of seeing or meeting this third rate actor’.”

“I am in no way going to leave my house to locations that you so generously suggest, to meet my well wishers…they are like family to me, and I shall meet my family at home not on the beach.”

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