Amjad Khan And Gabbar Singh Are One : Ramesh Sippy

Amjad Khan And Gabbar Singh Are One : Ramesh  Sippy

It was on 15th August 1975, exact 40 years back from today, Indian Film Industry received one of the biggest blockbuster hit’s in form of the, ‘Sholay’.

The film directed by one of the finest, talented, versatile and gifted director in our industry, Ramesh Sippy.

The film starring Bollywood biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sridevi and Amjad Khan among others was a runaway hit, and was very well liked, appreciated and supported by the audience from the very first day since it released.

It’s not just that the film is been only liked by people from that generation, even today’s generation too is very fond of the film.

Yesterday on occasion of ‘Sholay’s completion of 40 years, the film’s director Ramesh Sippy was all present for a press conference related to the same.

During the interaction, the filmmaker stated that Amjad Khan and Gabbar Singh are one, and no matter how much you try one can’t separate them.

The filmmaker also mentioned the role of Gabbar which Amjad played was originally offered to Danny Denzongpa, but the latter had some date issues following which he had no other option other than moving out from the same.

And at the last moment the makers approached Amjad Khan with the role, and then as they say rest is history.

Ramesh said, “To be honest today even if I say that Danny would have done good job with the character of Gabbar, nobody will accept it, as the truth is Amjad Khan and Gabbar Singh are one , and you cannot separate the two.”

“I must add that I was lucky that Danny’s dates were held up, and we had to look for a last minute replacement, and because of that we went for somebody new. And we found someone new in form of one and only Amjad Khan, who looked very different and unique from others at that time. Following which Amjad grew into the role. He took time to adapt to the role and give justice to the same. And once the shooting started no one could separate Amjad and Gabbar.” added the filmmaker.