Anil Kapoor to host as well as perform in Zee Cine Awards

Anil Kapoor to host as well as perform in Zee Cine Awards

In a recent interview, Actor Shahid Kapoor announced that the senior Actor Anil Kapoor is going to host the Zee Cine Awards and not just host but perform as well.

“After many years, something very outstanding is going to happen at Zee Awards and that is that Mr. Anil Kapoor is not just going to host but perform too”, said Shahid.

The charming actor also mentioned that they asked Anil Kapoor for a chance to perform with him since he is a legendary man and after many years he is going to perform with the same enthusiasm and energy. This is the most exciting thing for Shahid apart from hosting the show.

When asked about the secret of his fitness, Anil Kapoor says, “A person should keep working and he has to enjoy whatever he does.  He also says jokingly that when people ask him about his fitness after years, he will proudly say that he was rehearsing for Zee Cine Awards.

The senior actor also spoke about his interest in endorsing a product. He kept himself away from advertisements but he is now ready to go for advertisements since the times have changed now.

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