AR Rahman launches the first video of his band NAFS

AR Rahman launches the first video of his band NAFS

National and International Award winning Music composer A.R. Rahman ushered into the world of Band, launches his new Band NAFS and its first ever video.

“NAFS is a very deep word. It is fun word, it is a spiritual word and it is a naughty word” says Rahman, about his band name, which has an unusual name.

This band has been groomed by award winning music director, arranger and conductor Arjun Chandy of Dallas Choir, and will be powered by an online multi-channel network ‘Qyuki’ founded by Rahman, Shekhar Kapur and Samir Bangara.

“I thought why don’t we take our talented students, vocalists, and create a band, which could be Ambassadors, who could go out in world, perform our songs and jazz harmonies. So we started around year and half back, training 8 people and then came up with the idea called NAFS”

This new online network is a platform which enables creators to produce and distribute videos across Youtube and other social networks and also helps to build a fan following.

“Now we are releasing first video but it is gonna go much further, it will become an experience, the NAFS experience. It is starting in a smaller way, it is just beginning, but it will grow” adds Rahman.

Qyuki’s artist’s network consists of established artists like Rahman, Ranjit Barot, Salim- Sulaiman, Shweta Subram and Youtubers like Shraddha Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar and Lifestyle and entertainment channels like Miss Malini, Boss Dialigues and Eff n Bedi.

“NAFS is a step in the best possible direction for Indian music. We are thrilled to be launching the first video and we hope that we can build a credible platform for more Indian musicians to innovate and be organized on a global level” says Bangara, who is co-founder of “Qyuki”.

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