Arbaaz Khan – I use to Beat-up Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

Arbaaz Khan – I use to Beat-up Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

By NewsHelpline

Actor and entrepreneur Arbaaz Khan was spotted at the Super Fight League Season 2 here in Mumbai. During the media interaction, Arbaaz Khan claimed that he use to beat up Salman Khan and Sohail Khan during their childhood.

“The difference between Salman and me is just two years, and between all the siblings is very little. Like any growing up kids, we all had our little share of the fight and all that stuff, but regular stuff. I use to beat Salman up though at times. I had a very strong wrist”

“From my father’s side, we do Kalai/Panja (arm wrestling), so we use to do that, so my Panja (arm) was strong, even Salman Khan and Sohail Khan could not beat me, now they can, probably” said Arbaaz Khan sharing some of most cherished childhood memories at the League Launch.

Arbaaz Khan owns “Gujarat Warrior” team and quipped that he just wanted to be part of the sports and not some “regional preference” for picking the team.

“There was no regional reference, I just wanted to be associated with the sports and the gentleman, who had the Gujarat team, was someone I was in talks with and I think we fixed the scenario,” said Arbaaz Khan, when asked about his team.

Arbaaz Khan also shared that he came to SFL first season to promote his film but fell in love with sports.

“First time I came to SFL, it was the promotion of the film and when I saw the whole event live, it was exciting though I found it little scary to some extent. But I think it is highly accepted and popular sport and they have got their guideline about being safe and all, it is like Boxing, now we have SFL” said Arbaaz Khan.

Apart from Arbaaz Khan Celebrities like Salim Merchant, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tiger Shroff, and Sulaiman Merchant also graced the event and posed with their respective teams.

Further adding Arbaaz Khan added that SFL is growing fast and will go far in coming time. He said, “I was introduced to the sports recently, this is amazing and thrilling. A bit too much of combat sports, but I kind of like it, it is fun, and it is great to be associated with these wonderful people. I think it is fast growing sports and I think it will go pretty far”

On the work front, Arbaaz Khan was last seen in “Tera Intezaar” opposite Sunny Leone.