As a Nation, we haven’t done much for our children says Gulzar

As a Nation, we haven’t done much for our children says Gulzar

Director, Lyricist and poet Gulzar says as a nation we haven’t done much for children and we shouldn’t blame just one society.

Gulzar interacted with media, alongside director Shilpa Ranade at the trailer launch of, GoopiGawaiyaBaghaBajaiya’ on Tuesday

‘GoopiGawaiyaBaghaBajaiya’ will one of the very few films by the Children’s Film Society, that will be released in theater.

When asked why does it take so long for the association to release children films when there are no other films releasing in the genre, Gulzar said, “Everyone has been asking now why there are very few children films, I have been asking that since I was a child. Back then the industry was under the hands of commercial films, which is why children film society was created.

The difficulty then faced was that we couldn’t get theaters for release because that was also private. I remember there were very few shows in the morning and on Sundays in Eros theater. That was the only one.”

He believes that the Children’s Film Society needs a new setup and a business planner to flourish. He went on to add, “Why to blame only cinema. What have we done for children? there are no children literature either or sufficient education. I think we are not working towards it as a nation, we can’t blame just one society.”

Talking about the few achievements of the Children’s Film Society has, Gulzar said, “Children film society also haven’t been able to work it out all these years. Despite half a century gone the society hasn’t been able to stand as an independent body. It was only in the time Jaya Bhaduri was a part when she managed to get time slots on television and the body developed some independence.”

‘GoopiGawaiyaBaghaBajaiya’ distributed by the Children’s Film Society is directed by Shilpa Ranade. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013.

Presented by Paperboat Animation Studios, the film will release on 1st March 2019 in India.

By News Helpline