Avani Modi next will be seen in social drama ‘Rathiya’

Avani Modi next will be seen in social drama ‘Rathiya’

By News Helpline, Mumbai

Actress Avani Modi who debuted in Bollywood with ‘Calendar Girls’ launched IMARA, an Indian traditional clothing brand on Friday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Avani talked about her future projects and her personal style statement.

Talking about her upcoming film, Avani said, “I am doing 2 films and very soon, we are going to have press conference for our Hindi film. It’s a story of a girl from Rajasthan and it is based on mandi over there. There is a Gujarati film ‘Bapu Kya Chhe’ as well which is ready to release and it will release around January next year. I am also doing an Indo-Pak political satire but as of now, I can’t divulge much details of it.”

Talking about her upcoming Hindi film, ‘Rathiya’, Avani said, “It is directed by Tarun and produced by Arun Gautam is producer of the film.  Tarun has done lots of work in television. It’s his debut film. It is tentatively titled ‘Rathiya’. I am playing role of girl called Rathiya who is Rajasthani girl. In Gurjar community, especially in Rajasthan, there is custom that if a husband is not able to run their family after the marriage then he can sell off his wife in Mandi that is called Nath Pratha so this film handles that issue. It’s a story of life journey of Rathiya and how she overcomes that”

When asked Avani, if she is feeling any kind of nervousness about this film, since this film deals with social issue and more often films based on social issue face opposition from political or religious groups, to that, Avani said, “As long as, you believe in your subject and character, I don’t think there is an issue. I trust my director’s vision and I always try to fulfill that. I feel when a director conceptualizes everything and you believe in him then there should not be any issues with that. Political parties have to say something or the other even if you are doing good then also they will oppose that so they are doing their job and we will do our job”.

Talking about her personal style statement, Avani said, “Fashion should be combination of style and comfort. If you are not comfortable in your outfit then it reflects on your face and sometimes you have to face body shaming comments as well. Apart from that, you should reflect your personality in what you are wearing. You should not feel rigid and shy about it. Personally, I always like to wear vibrant and colorful outfits”.

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