OMG! Badi Maa to separate Gayatri and Ranaji

OMG! Badi Maa to separate Gayatri and Ranaji

Zee TV’s popular show ‘Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani’ has always managed to keep the viewers hooked on to the show with interesting plots and this time too viewers will get to see an interesting track of love, hatred and revenge!

As of now, we have seen that when Ranaji was about to confess his love for Gayatri and then comes Ranaji’s first wife Sulakshana’s dramatic entry.

And as we are aware that the lady in disguise is not actually Sulakshana but her look alike, who has been brought into the Raj Mahal by Badi Maa.

Now get ready for some interesting revelations about the show!

Sulakshana was killed by Badi Maa!’
Yes, you heard it right!

And in the upcoming episode we would get to see the fake lady Sulakshana treating Gayatri as her servant and would also force her to dance.

Gayatri will be performing on the number ‘Deewani Mastani’ from the much awaited Bollywood flick ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

A source from the show revealed, “Ranaji will be taken aback with her flawless performance without hesitation. But here comes in another twist, where Badi Maa (Surekha Sikri) will reveal of how she murdered Ranaji’s first wife, in order to separate the love bond the couple shared.”

“The track ahead will reveal that Badi Maa had killed Sulakshan to separate her from Ranaji and brought in a ‘fake Sulakshana’ who would help her in completing her hidden agenda behind these actions.”

After discovering the truth that the lady is fake, Gayatri would rush to Badi Maa for guidance and this will be the turning point of the track.

“Badi Maa will reveal to Gayatri that she is responsible for creating unhappiness in her life. While a shocked Gayatri will try to digest the fact and wonder what she should do next, to save her marriage.. Badi Maa will take the next step to destroy Gayatri and Ranaji’s marriage by using black magic to keep the couple distanced,” added the source.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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