Beat the heat with these fab 5 movies

Beat the heat with these fab 5 movies

Summer is here, and with it comes the fear of getting blisters, allergies and getting burnt to hell.

Are you scared out of your wits?


Don’t worry now little soldier because now’s the time to hoard everything and stay in all day and

hunt for food only at nights and basically become a vampire. But to keep you occupied in these

ruthless days, we have  some perfect summer movies for you to binge on!


1. Zindagi na milegi dobara


The movie which takes us all on a joy ride across Spain to discover the real meaning

of life and love; this movie will keep you on your toes and keep throwing hilarious

moments for you to hold your stomach while also being emotional enough to

connect at a deep level.

2. Yeh Jawani hai deewaniYJHD1

This movie will make you fly, will make you run, will make you crawl if it has to

but it’ll never let you stop! While you are holding onto your screen and sipping the

life out of that mojito, you’ll love the way it goes on from being a college trip to

something which will make all of us reflect on ourselves.

3. 3 Idiots


The movie adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s national bestselling novel ‘5 point

someone’, 3 idiots shook India to its core. While breaking the monotonous cliché

of hoards of students jumping into engineering without thinking, this movie tells

you everything you need to know to throw your books away. Being one of the best

summer watches, 3 idiots is sure to keep your day occupied.

4. Kal ho na ho


The movie is beautifully set up in picturesque New York where a young woman

falls for a carefree man, but she believes he is in love with another. Which turns

out to be a lie as he is dying *Sad Sad* and teaches Saif Ali Khan to make

Preity Zinta fall in love with him. By the end you’re bound to find yourself

drinking your own tears and crying to your mommy. Wuss.

5. Dil chahta haiDil-Chahta-hai-Movie-1080p-Download

Another Farhan Akhtar masterpiece, three friends on a path to discover true

meaning of friendship and the phrase ‘Bro-hood’ but end up falling in love

with women in the end. Sigh. You’ll fall in love with the movie nevertheless

and you’ll have a smile on your face in the end.