Believer Shah Rukh Khan!

Shahrukh Khan Talks about his ideology and products he endorses at the launch of Tag Heuer new campaign here in Mumbai.

Tag Heuer launched a whole new campaign “Don’t crack under pressure” in association with Shahrukh khan, who is the brand ambassador of the company for last decade.

“So the ideology, I believe sticks to me also, Yes, I will fail because I am trying something new, I am not going to fail something, trying something, which has been tried before. I think this ideology stands for me and for most of the people who work hard and for Tag Heuer for sure” says Shahrukh.

Shahrukh Khan completely believes in products he endorses and ideas behind it. Actor believes in “new-ness” and trying something out of box.

“It’s just not about a good tag line, the ideology behind it is that most people succeed in there times, but very few people, succeed in changing the times, not because they are different, or want to look different or look cool, but because they have ideas which are new, the untrodden path, the path which people have not tried and tested before the resilience of ideas is tested and that’s when you don’t crack under pressure because you believe in new-ness of your ideas” says Shah rukh.