Bollywood Badboy, Sanjay Dutt reaches Home

Bollywood Badboy, Sanjay Dutt reaches Home

Bollywood Badboy, King of the jungle, one and only Sanjay Dutt is out of prison and home bound!

Sanjay Dutt reached Mumbai post his release from Yerawada prison today morning after serving 42 months for possessing an AK-56 supplied by gangsters behind a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993.

On release from prison, Dutt kissed the ground and saluted the flag as he walked free from the jail in Pune, after authorities decided to release him ahead of schedule for good behavior.

“There is no easy walk to freedom, my friends” said Sanjay Dutt, when he walked out of the jail with a bag of personal belongings and a file.

Dutt was first arrested on April 19, 1993, for possession and destruction of an AK-56 rifle, which was a part of cache of arms and explosives which landed in India prior to the serial blasts of March 1993.

He spent 18 months in jail in 1993. On July 31, 2007, the TADA court in Mumbai sentenced him to six years’ rigorous imprisonment under the Arms Act and imposed a fine of Rs 25,000. In 2013, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling but reduced the sentence to five years.