Bollywood is not easy admit Sunny Leone

Bollywood is not easy admit Sunny Leone

The Indo Canadian former porn star Sunny Leone stated her Bollywod career with “Jism 2”. Sunny got acceptance from Indian audience and she is been working actively since 2012 but the sultry actress admit working in Bollywood is not an easy job.

In the interview for her upcoming film “One night stand” Sunny Leone admit her perception for Bollywood has been competently changed after she started working in the industry.

“I thought its easy world out there but it turned out to be survival of the fittest and being persistent, working hard and not giving up.  The industry is not easy.”

“Lot of people from the outside look at the Bollywood or entertainment industry they think it must be easy to be on the poster but it is lot of hard work and it is not at all easy.” added Leone.

Sunny leoen is now ready to experiment on her acting skill. She found herself an average actor and in the upcoming film she will be seen in never seen before avatar.

Talking about the film Sunny Leone said, “It is very different from my past film. Yes it is about one night stand. We have shown intimacy in it. But our film begins after that which is about the relationship of the two characters.”

Directed by first time director Jasmine Moses-Dsouza the film also star Tanuj Virani in the pivotal role. The film is slated to release on 6th May.

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