Covered 3 decade Outfit Designs for Sunny Leone Biopic says Hitednra Kapopara

Covered 3 decade Outfit Designs for Sunny Leone Biopic says Hitednra Kapopara

Celebrity Stylist Hitendra Kapopara, who has been instrumental in creating the realistic outfit for actress in her biopic “Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone” says he created three different genre style clothing covering almost three decades.

Hitendra Kapopara single headedly created and crafted the entire outfit array for the actress, which covers almost three decades on-screen. Talking about the design, he said, “I was actually very cautious while designing the outfits for the biopic. Generally, I sit for narrations and mark the details for costume requirements. This time I read the script twice”

“Everything that is on screen has been worked with detail and passion. It was shot in three different timelines. From the 80’s, 90’s and 2000 – so the color palette was different for each. I had to work on intricate details”

“Karenjit Kaur” the biopic of Sunny Leone has many emotional scenes, where the actress is confronted by her parents about her life choices. Talking about the impact of the scenes on the actress, stylist Hitendra said, “For me, the confrontation part was really overwhelming emotionally. I know Sunny and was there on the shoot too. I know how she used to cry each time”

Despite hailing from overseas, Sunny Leone prefers Indian outfits and designs, confirms the stylist Hitendra, he said, “She loves to wear Indian ethnic at times and also the dresses I do for her on occasions”

Talking about the response for the biopic, Hitendra said, “Best people to ask are friends. I think each and everyone has watched it and loved it. It’s a story of struggle, growth, love, and family. It inspires one and all”

The response to the biopic has been phenomenal as the series has entered in its second season.

Hitendra also designed the much talked about Madame Tussauds Wax Statue of Sunny Leone and outfit on the statue.

Talking about his experience, he said, “Sunny being what she is, has achieved a place in history by entering Madame Tussauds, I tagged along pretty well. To see my design on the wax statue, it reminds me of the past and how it started entirely”

“She trusts me from the bottom of her heart. Be it personal or professional” added Hitendra about his working equation with Sunny.