Dilwale Hits Troubled Water, Again!

Dilwale Hits Troubled Water, Again!

Just when Shahrukh Khan thought that things are looking great for Dilwale; things went bad to worse, Bajrang Dal and VHP activists stopped the screening of movie at theatres in Mangaluru.

Entire political mob gathered outside the multiplexes in Mangaluru and a theatre in Surathkal, and stopped the screening of the movie.

Bajrang Dal convenor Sharan Pumpwell said that its activists had stopped screening of the film in the malls to protest Shahrukh Khan’s remarks on intolerance.

Multiplex operators running scared, cancelled all shows for the day! The protests were held in front of City Centre Mall, Forum Fiza mall and Bharat mall where the screenings had to be cancelled.

The activists also allegedly warned theatre owners not to show any films of Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, whose controversial remarks on intolerance had raised the hackles of right-wing outfits, in the future.

Not only Mangaluru but major box-office collection pockets, such as Jaipur, Dehradun, Mumbai, Jabalpur and Pune, has their show cancelled due to protest.

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