“Don’t be like me” Aditya Pancholis’ advice to Sooraj

Actor gone wild and ended their glorious career by themselves, sounds like farfetched, but Actor Aditya Pancholi, has done exactly that in past, but the actor is mending his ways now, in fact he has some cool advice for his son, Sooraj Pancholi, who is making debut in Hero.

“I told him not to follow me. Every father tells his son to be like him but I don’t want him to be like me. If he doesn’t follow me then he will become a star” said Aditya.

“I have made so many mistakes in life, my temper and behaviour all this doesn’t do any good to anyone. I told him to do the opposite of what I did in my life till now,” he said.

Sooraj is making his acting debut with Salman Khan’s upcoming home production “Hero”, in which Aditya is also playing an important role.

“I felt very happy and proud looking at the trailer. This film happened because of Salman Khan and we are grateful to him. We are very happy and excited as this is a big break for him. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. It is a big thing that he is launched by a superstar like Salman” said Aditya.

Aditya and Salman have acted in films like “Baaghi”, “Bodyguard”, “Jai Ho” and others.

“He is like my brother… We share a close bond since the beginning. I don’t meet him often but whenever we meet we connect” said Aditya.aditya-sooraj-pancholi6683301

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