Every story doesn’t have happy ending says Pari Choudhary

Every story doesn’t have happy ending says Pari Choudhary

Actress Pari Choudhary, who is gearing up for the forthcoming release ‘Pending Love’ has said that every love story doesn’t have a happy ending and you have to be practical when you are in love.

‘Pending Love’ which is written and directed by Shahid Kazmi and it revolves around modern day life and relationships. Makers of the film has released trailer of the film and it has went viral on social media platforms.

‘Pending Love’ features Rakhi Swant, Shoib Nikash Shah, Pari Choudhary, Tariq Imtiaz and Faizan Khan in lead roles.

Talking about the film and her character in the film, Pari said, “There are three love stories in this film which are really practical in nature. I feel you don’t have happy ending in every love story and in the film, my character goes through similar kind of dilemma. I am playing character of Pari in the film who is really practical in her life. She knows that you cannot restrict a person when you are in love with him or her.”

She adds that “If you love somebody then, you should give freedom to that individual and if that person really loves you then he will return back to you. My character is really outspoken in the film and if she is loves somebody then, she doesn’t shies away to express that feeling.”

‘Pending Love’ supports homosexuals and LGBT community and it represents every aspect of love through three stories of the film.

Talking about it, Pari said, “I support homosexuals and LGBT community. It’s about an emotion called love. I don’t understand why society criticizes love between same sex when they accept love between opposite sex.  In the film, my character’s story has that element and she also supports homosexual and LGBT community. She lets her boyfriend decide whether he wants to be with her or be in a relationship with a boy.”

Talking about her definition of love, Pari said, “I think love is all about feeling happy. When you are love, you will try to make you partner happy because your happiness lies in your partner’s happiness and that’s my definition of love.”

Talking about ongoing #MeToo movement which has gathered momentum in India, Pari said, “I think it’s really good movement but I also think that to prove your story correct, you have to have solid evidence about it because there are lots of people who are accusing others without any evidence just to be in a limelight and gain some benefits through it.’

‘Pending Love’ is being produced by Surjeet Chaudhary Film Productions and it is being presented by Prem Kumar Films.

‘Pending Love’ is a life anthology through which makers have shown different shades and elements of love and life.

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