Ex Bigg Boss Great Khali in Ambuja Ad

Ex Bigg Boss Great Khali in Ambuja Ad

Dalip Singh Rana better known by his ring name The Great Khali is an Indian semi-retired professional wrestler, actor and power lifter, best known for his time with WWE.

Former Bigg Boss contestant has been roped by leading cements giant Ambuja.

They roped in former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Great Khali, and came up with a brilliant concept.

In March 2011, Khali had a brief cameo in episode 18 of NBC’s Outsourced, and appeared on the Disney Channel TV program Pair of Kings as Atom, a rock-smashing giant, in the episode- “Fight School”.

Khali talks about his “issue” with being big and heavy, and how he discovered that Ambuja cement built houses last longer and stronger.

Khali is known for his strength, but what happens when his strength turns against him?

To find out, watch this hilarious TV commercial starring the 7-foot giant.