Excited To Be Part Of “Rising Star Season 3” Says Neeti Mohan

Excited To Be Part Of “Rising Star Season 3” Says Neeti Mohan

Talented Singer Neeti Mohan says she is excited to be part of Rising Star Season 3 and work alongside Shankar Mahadevan and Diljit Dosanjh at the show launch.

The Rising Star is the first reality television show in India which involves live audience voting and performance. The show is entering its third season with Neeti Mohan as a new addition on the judging panel.

Talking about the show, Neeti said, “I am super excited to be a part of Rising Star Season 3, and I think it is such a unique concept; it is the only show to have live singing, audience listen to live singing, and vote for it and I have not seen or heard about such a concept on any show”

“I am very happy to be a part of the show where we have our won Padmashree winner Shankar Mahadevan and Diljit Dosanjh, Aditya Narayan and I are relatively new on the show, and we got to be part of Colors Channel and Optimistic team, so we’re super happy”

Further adding Neeti quipped that reality show provides an amazing platform for new talent and a learning experience, which is unprecedented.

Talking about the importance of reality shows, she said, “The purpose of the new reality show is to promote new talent and singer. Sometimes it does so happen that you’re living in a place where you cannot record a song or even do a live performance, which the whole nation can listen to, so when that talent comes on reality show, the entire team train them, decide song for them, polish their voice even further, and then they are present on Television. So this is such an amazing learning experience for them”

The third installment of the show is set to air from 16 March 2019.

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