Farah Ali Khan “Precious becomes priceless” Tanishq Collection

Farah Ali Khan “Precious becomes priceless” Tanishq Collection

The Jewellery Designer, Farah Khan Ali after completing 20 years of her own flagship joined hands with renowned brand Tanishq and launched the second beautiful jewellery collection here in Mumbai.

Sanjay Khan, Zarine Khan, Suzanne Khan, Zayed Khan with wife Malaika, Poonam Dhillon, Akbar Khan with wife, Dj Akeel and entire Bollywood Fashionista Brigade were present the Jewellery collection launch.

“This is my second collection with Tanishq. First collection was Mogul based, second one also belongs to same era, but I took inspiration from Flora and Fauna like birds, animals, beautiful flowers. I have used different and unique colours like emerald rubies and tantalite’s” says Farah.

Tanishq roped in Farah Khan Ali to design exclusive diamond jewellery for Tanishq woman; is inspired by Mogul era, the collection is a feast to the eyes with intricate flora and fauna designs, which have both traditional and modern appeal.

“I wanted to create a mood, because I think, whatever I have create any women can wear it on any occasion, very multifaceted wear. This is first time Tanishq launched something like this, a new collection, we have created ear cuffs, in between finger rings. It will be available in 40 stores across India” says Farah.

The collection features an array of earrings, rings and pendant sets with coloured gemstones like rubies, emeralds, pearls, citrine, amethysts, topaz and several others juxtaposed together.