Farhan Akhtar – Stigma Attached to HIV is Huge

Farhan Akhtar – Stigma Attached to HIV is Huge

By News Helpline

Farhan Akhtar was spotted at the Launch of Vespa RED today here in Mumbai and talked about the stigma attached to HIV virus, which is a huge, than the disease itself.

“The fact is that you can continue to live and have a normal life as long as there is no stigma attached to it, which is one of the biggest battles, which we are actually which we as people had to deal with; coming to terms with the fact that it is just another disease. It does require another kind of treatment and cure, but the stigma is very huge that has been attached to it and we need to get rid of it” said Farhan Akhtar on the sidelines of launch.

Piaggio India launched a new special edition scooter in India christened the Vespa RED, has been launched in collaboration with (RED), a company that partners with global brands to create awareness and also support the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Talking further about the HIV virus and to create awareness, filmmaker and actor Farhan Akhtar shared some candid details from his personal life to further loosen the grip of the stigma attached to the disease.

“I do an overall health check-up as advised by my doctors, which also includes HIV test, as the blood is checked for everything. But that apart, I do know people, who are living with the HIV virus, there are couples of people also employed by me, who have the HIV Virus” added Farhan.

This particular version of the Vespa RED has been launched only in the Indian Market, and every sale of the Vespa RED will generate money to finance Global Fund grants that support the fight to end AIDS in India.

“Fifty dollars of each sale will go towards dealing with the HIV virus cause. And that to me is probably bigger USP than anything else, as far as the purchase of the scooter is concerned” said Farhan Akhtar, when asked about USP of the product.

Farhan Akhtar has worked closely with the cause of HIV-AIDS awareness program. He directed a short film titled Positive (2007), to spread awareness on HIV-AIDS.

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