Filmmakers Supriyo Sen & RK Soren talks about their films at IFFI 2017!

Filmmakers Supriyo Sen & RK Soren talks about their films at IFFI 2017!

Among the 16 Non-Feature films selected for the Indian Panorama 2017 section at IFFI, are Supriyo Sen’s Our Grandparents Home and R K Soren’s EPIL.

The films are among the 6 to be selected from 154 entries that were submitted this year for the Indian Panorama category.

While Our Grandparents’ Home is about 16 young scholars from India and Bangladesh who record memories of third generation of partition refugees of 1947, EPIL is a Santhali language film about a little girl called Epil.

Talking about the film Epilin the press conference, director R K Sorensays, “I studied at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute and this is my first time in Goa and at IFFI. EPIL is a Santhali name which means “star”. I come from a tribal family and wanted my film to reflect that essence strongly. It’s a dream to actually present EPIL here because nothing gives me more happiness than making films and telling stories”.

At the press conference SupriyoSen said, “I have been participating at IFFI for a very long time and have a longstanding connection with it.I enjoy coming here because we are welcomed to such a packed house, which is rarely seen for a non-feature film. I come from a family of refugees and so partition and its aftermath has always been an integral part of my films.” Adding that, “Documentaries and non-features need better funding and distributing to make it reach more audiences. We don’t have a big market for this segment and the only way to change that is to start marking better and greater non-features that people want to support.”

The 48th Edition of IFFI will take place from the 20th to 28th of November, 2017 in the beach state of Goa.

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