Looking better than ever before, new mom Genelia says that she thought being an actress was the toughest job – until she had a baby. Be it motherhood or being a working professional, a hectic lifestyle takes a toll on everything – your sleep, your social life and of course your skin. A woman’s skin and its needs change with every new life stage, starting to age from mid 20s. With every added responsibility, the strain can start to show on her face, making her look older than her real age!

In the new Olay Total Effects TVC, Genelia tells us about how having a baby changes everything but she didn’t let it change her skin. Olay Total Effects helped her fight the 7 signs of ageing so that her skin could continue to look young despite the recent changes in life which took a toll on her skin.

Talking about motherhood and how it impacted her skin, the gorgeous Genelia, says, “Post-delivery, my skin became dull and patchy. My pregnancy glow was all gone. Honestly, I had just stopped looking at myself in the mirror. They asked me if I knew my skin age and I was like My skin has an age? I took a test and found out my skin age was higher than my age. Olay Total Effects came to my rescue and now after taking the #OlayChallenge, my skin feels fresher and younger, once again!

Not do many know but skin ageing starts for women in their mid 20’s. One needs to be vigilant and act upon it as soon as they notice these 7 signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, the appearance of prominent pores and age spots, uneven skin tone, surface dullness, and dryness. Apart from these 7 signs of ageing factors such as stress, pollution, and motherhood can also have staid impact on one’s skin.

Genelia, who is now well versed with these facts, further shared her skin care regime to younger looking skin.

Step 1: First, I start off with Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser which cleanses and revitalizes my skin

Step 2: Special treatments like a serum perk your skin up to give it some extra goodness. I like Olay Total Effects Anti-ageing Serum, it has high concentration & it takes literally 5 seconds to apply, you can actually notice visibly smoother skin, more even skin tone and texture. Olay Total Effects Anti-ageing Eye Cream is for specialized eye area to wipe out signs of aging such as dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines.

Step 3: Next, I apply Olay Total Effects Day cream. Hydration is very important and I usually apply this twice a day on my skin. I usually begin at the neck, move up the neck, across the cheeks and finish at the forehead. The specialized night cream hydrates the skin & prepares you for a good night’s sleep.