Got award despite mentor Kamal Hasan in the film says protege R. Madhavan

Got award despite mentor Kamal Hasan in the film says protege R. Madhavan

Making a mark in Hindi films industry as well as Tamil film industry R. Madhavan is an actor who call himself a protege of South superstar Kamal Hasan. Totally awed by Kamal Hasan, madhavan said “There is no better mentor than him”.

In the trailer launch of Saala Khadoos R. Madhavan mentor Kamal Hasan send a special clip to him, being a dedicated actor and a good friend. Touched by the clip send by Kamal Hasan R. Madhavan share his experience of working with him as a co actor despite being a second lead in the film. He said, “When I was working with Kamal Hasan in the Tamil film Anbe Sivam. He nurtured me thought out the film. Every one suggested me that don’t do film with Kamal Hasan as a second lead at this stage of your career because you have just stated a career as a solo lead in Tamil films and your market will go down. I remember I told my manager I want to be with him in one frame in the film and I will be satisfied all my life.”

Further adding R. Madhavan said, “Once the film got over and editing was happening Kamal Hasan called me and said “I have seen the film you have done an exceptional role. After the release people will tell you that you have beaten me and I am telling you that you will get an award for this”. And I get the state award of best actor in a film where Kamal Hasan acted. I don’t think there is better mentor than him.”

When Madhavan was asked which is the quality of his mentor which he would like to adapt he instantly said, “Mr. Hasan does not do anything other than films. 99% of the time he stays in sets or talking about films or doing research about film. Its like an addiction. Such a dedication to a passion if I adapt 10% of it I will be more capable.”

Saala Kadoos is a boxing drama between and mentor and a female trainer set in Tamil Nadu starring R. Madhawan and real life boxer Ritika Singh as a female lead. The film is directed by Sudha Kongara and produced By Rajkumar Hirani and R. Madhawan the film is slated to release on 29th January 2016.

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