Guess who inspired Boman Irani to become an Actor!

Guess who inspired Boman Irani to become an Actor!

Versatile Actor Boman Irani’s unfathomable extent as an entertainer has gone far in helping him offer something new and exciting every time he faces the arc lights. The actor who can portray unconventional witty roles with ease as well negative roles expressed the man behind his aspiration to become an actor is none other than Balraj Sahni.

Speaking on the event ‘Bimal Roy Festival by Zee Classic’ the actor became nostalgic when he said, “I was quite young when I used to wait for ‘Saptahiki’ in Doordashan to find out what movies would be shown on weekdays. Hindi feature film was telecast on Sunday 7 pm. We didn’t have Television that time so we used to go to neighbor’s house. I had the opportunity as a little boy to watch ‘Do Bigha Zamin’. I was taken up; I couldn’t understand this movie was quite different what we watched in those days. And I saw the person, the reason why I am an actor or wanted to be an actor in Indian cinema is Balraj Sahni.”

The ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ actor began his acting profession in theatre, moved to film in 2000 at the age of 44. The actor who achieved fame for his role in the 2003 comedy “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S”. expressed Bimal Roy’s “Do Bigha Zamin” changed his ‘whole approached to a lot of thing.’

Zee Classic pays tribute to the pioneer of Indian cinema and legendary Bimal Roy filmmaker on his 50th Death Anniversary. Titled as ‘Who Zamaana Kare Deewana’ Zee’s latest offering to showcase best of the golden era, this begins with Roy’s noteworthy works.

Thanking the channel the Actor expressed, “Today we have more than 100 channels but none of them shows these great movies. I feel it’s very important to take the treasures to next generation. Because when you see good movies you inspire to do good works. It’s a simple logic. I am very proud to associate with Zee classic to bring this one channel to show 60’s and 70’s great work on Saturdays.”

Starting from 6th February, the channel will be showcasing best of the Bimal Roy’s movies like “Do Bigha Zamin’’, “Devdas”, “Madhumati”, “Sujata” and “Bandini”.

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