Gurmeet Ram Rahim “Insaan” is a CINTAA member too!

Gurmeet Ram Rahim “Insaan” is a CINTAA member too!

The prominent members of CINTAA, FWICE,FWA took a press conference on Monday evening to extend their support to “Comedy nights with Kapil Sharma” famed Kiku Sharda who was arrested last week for performing a spoof on Dera Saccha sauda leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim singh “Insaan” on a show. CINTAA, FWICE, FWA said the constitutional law section 295 A is misused. And Gurmeet Ram Rahim “Insaan” is also a CINTAA Member.

The members of Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), Cine and TV artist association (CINTAA) and Film Writer association (FWA) stand together to extend the support of the actor Kiku Sharda.

Pointing out the misuse of constitutional section 295A of the penal code Kamlesh Pandey said, “295A says Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs but it should be redefined.

“Kiku did a standup comedy on a fellow actor and a member of CINTAA and Writers association, Ram Rahim, and he is said to have offended sentiments. He got arrested suddenly and whisked away to an unknown destination. So, as a writer and a citizen of India, I feel hurt by this act of the Haryana police. Do I have the right to file an FIR against the Haryana police and those who did this as it affected my sentiments?”

“We will write letter to I &B ministry to revise this law to prevent such incident in the future.” Kamlesh pandey added.

Said Aashish Rego, treasurer, FWICE, “an immediate change is necessary and the FWICE & its affiliates will not rest till this atmosphere of fear that has enveloped the creative industry is erased.”

Kiku Sharda attended the press conference though Skype where he said, “I felt very alone when this happened.  It shocked me as I had apologized on twitter the next morning after I got feedback. It was not that I was scared. As an entertainer, I rethink on my words even if a kid complains to me at the mall. I am so careful because I want to make people laugh; I want to make them smile. There is no question of me intending to hurt anyone, ever.”

“But why should and executor take all the burden of this alone?” asked Kiku Sharda.

Replying to Kiku Sharda, says Amit Behl, Chairman, Disputes Committee of CINTAA and Sr VP FWICE, “We are very sorry for the delayed response but we are with you Kiku, all of us with all our strength. And you will find us behind you at every step.”

Dilip Pithwa, Manoj and Seema Pahwa, Ashutosh Rana, Renuka Shahane, Deepak Qazir, Lubna Salim, Salim Arif, Harsh Chaya, Vrajesh Hirji, Nasirr Khan, Dillzan Wadia, Zama Habib, Sunil Sinha, Sunil Matoo, Ramesh Goel, Akashaditya Lama, besides Om Puri on the telecom were present to supported the cause.

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