Guru Randhawa feels save back home in India: after being assaulted in Canada

Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa recently performed in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. Post performance the singer was attacked on the head and was rushed to hospital. Randhawa’s team on Tuesday shared an update of the incident.

Randhawa’s team shared a picture of him back in India. He has received 4 stitches in his right eyebrow were a bandage can be seen in the picture.

The caption also shared details of the incident. The post read, “Guru is back in India with four stitches on his right eyebrow and a mega successful USA/Canada tour. The incident happened on July 28 in Vancouver when Guru told a Punjabi man not to come on stage, while he was performing for the audience. That man was trying to come on stage again and again and then he started fighting with everyone backstage. He was known to the local promoter Surinder Sanghera, who sent him away during the show,”.

The post further read the singer does not intend to perform again in Canada. “But at the end when Guru finished the show and was leaving the stage, that punjabi man came and hit him hard on his face with a punch , because of which Guru started bleeding on the spot from his forehead above eyebrow and went back to stage and showed it to the audience.”

“He said he won’t ever perform in Canada for the rest of his life. Guru said his Guru Nanak Devji has saved him and prayed to Waheguru to give that man a good sense of understanding what to do and what not to.”, the team added.

Randhawa is well known for his popular tracks such as “High rated gabru”, “Suit suit”, “Patola”, “Ban ja tu meri rani” and “Lahore”. He recently released a collaboration with Pitbull which will be a trip lingual song in English, Punjabi and Spanish.

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