Harshvardhan to buy a horse

Harshvardhan to buy a horse

Horses and Human are regarded each other’s best friends. We people are known to have a special bond with this particular animal amongst several other animals. This very fact has been justified actor Harshvardhan Kapoor.

The actor who had his first horse riding experience while prepping for “Mirzya” has become extremely fond of the animal! He realized that he shares a special connection with the animal after he started spending a lot of time with horses. Infact, he has developed a unique communication with them. The actor is also very sensitive towards horses and the understanding between the two has eventually got synchronized.

He is planning to buy a horse soon and the process of the same has already started. The actor has started learning about various pedigreed horses and is contemplating on which one to lock for. In fact Harsh is also parallel talking to several horse dealers and is trying out various horses.

When contacted, spokesperson confirmed the news and added, “Harsh developed the fondness of horse riding while the extensive prep that he went through during “Mirzya”. This particular skill has stayed with him and he is very keen on practicing it for life time. He has been talking to several people who are experts in this case and is taking enough time before he finally gets one”

The actor is all set to make his debut in Rakeysh Mehra’s “Mirzya”.

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