Here is the most loved pose of the year!

Here is the most loved pose of the year!

Every year exposes a popular signature pose.

Last year as the poster of his PK was unveiled , it has become the most talked about thing on social networking sites. Within minutes of Aamir Khan’s nude poster with a strategically placed vintage boombox, the poster became viral.

This year, Baahubali’s lead actor Prabhas has won tremendous accolades in his latest release, what has stuck with the audiences is that one iconic pose of Prabhas carrying the shivling in the film!

The pose has connected with the audience at a larger level and the audiences are now keen to see if the sequel of Baahubali.

Prabhas’s pose became a source of inspiration for the artistes of Ganesh idols as well.

The poster elicited a roaring response from the Twitteratis, and many celebs too lauded the actor for pulling off the look with ease.

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