Hot Bikini Shoot of Calendar Girls – Ganesh Hegde

Hot Bikini Shoot of Calendar Girls – Ganesh Hegde

Choreographer Ganesh Hegde and Madhur Bhandarkar combined effort “Bikini Shoot” of Calendar Girls has the temperature going through the roof.

“Photo shoots if you see they look very monotonous and static. So I thought if it’s coming in film songs, it has to be little choreographed and done in a nice way,” says Ganesh Hegde.

Sexy and Erotic “Calendar Girls” baring it all and taking audience into the world of sensuality, seduction and downright naughty, is not only eye-catching but holds individuality of each girl.

“I have done the Photo Shoot in a manner that you like the locales, you like the camera movement; you would like to see the entire thing we have done with the photo shoot,” says Ganesh Hegde.

Ruhi Singh sporting metallic bikini to float under a waterfall, Kyra Dutt in a sea shell decked bikini to crawl on the sands of an isolated island on the Indian Ocean.

Satarupa Pyne wore a rope bikini to caress and play with tiger cubs in the jungle. Avani Modi, in a blue bikini, posed on the top of a boat on a churning Ocean.

And lastly, Akansha Puri danced in a golden bikini with a lighted wire strung with small Mirchi lights, on a sandy beach with temperatures dropping to 5 degrees.

Calendar Girls, Madhur introduces the ravishingly hot models Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh and Satarupa Pyne to Bollywood.

The film’s trailer is already out and movie will hit the theatres on 25th September!

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