Huh! Kajol as member of Prasar Bharati Board?

Huh! Kajol  as member of Prasar Bharati Board?

Why the film actress Kajol is being appointed as the Member of Prasar Bharati Board. Nobody knows it. It’s because of her capability as an actress or the connection with ruling dispensation. Unfortunately all names which are appearing in the media for the appointment as Member Prasar Bharati Board are completely lacking ability for the creative institution. What will be the contribution of Kajol in Prasar Bharati. How many meetings she will be able to attend in Delhi. What she knows about TV and TV news. Nobody is able to understand why the celebrity who does not have any relation with the Television is being appointed as a member of Prasar Bharati Board since inception.  The lacklustre attitude   of the government towards Prasar Bharati indicates it’s non- seriousness about the institution. Doordarshan is the mouth piece of the government, if it’s not managed professionally,  it will have multiplier effect not only on employees, finances , creativity but it will lack in disseminating the information for which it has been established.  


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