“I am always there in front of Mohit” – Sanaya Irani

“I am always there in front of Mohit” – Sanaya Irani

Cute couple of Indian television – Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani who got married in January this year and made their fans happy have been always head oover heels for each other and ever since marriage lot of things have changed for the couple.

We got candid with Sanaya who shared her life after marriage with Mohit.

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“It is very romantic, really our life changed soon as we got married. Yes, I am always their in front of Mohit. He sees me when he wakes up and he sees me when he goes to sleep, I am always there around him.

Also, now we do Jadhu Pota (dusting and cleaning) together (laughs)!

Our domestic help thought ‘Ab iss ladki ko dikata hu Houswife hona kya hota hai!’ and one fine day, he told us that he is going to Nepal.

I used to never do Jhadu Pota before marriage… I would not even answer the the door bell back home. In fact, my mom used to get fried on me about it. Also, Mohit teases me saying that I should take a table and sit outside the door (laughs). This is all that has changed”

Wishing you both many more years of togetherness!

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