I am an under-confident performer says Ashish Vidhyarthi

I am an under-confident performer says Ashish Vidhyarthi

Being considered the most versatile actor and worked in more than 300 films Ashish Vidhyarthi still considers himself an under-confident performer.

In an interview for his film he shared his views on the today’s actor saying, “I love Irrfan Khan what he does in all his films. The kind of confidence he brings in his performance is amazing. Nawazuddin Siddique is another brilliant actor specially the part he played in Badlapur. I keep getting inspired from amazing performers. I continue to be a student of acting and very happy with each film I did but extremely unhappy with each shots. Being unhappy I managed to do 300 films. I am always under-confident when I am performing.”

Talking about his film career Ashish said, “That is true that I did not get role which I was capable of. I get the feeling that I should have gotten good roles but I also get the feeling I am lucky to be here because at least 15000 people come in this city to become an actor and I am one of the actors who got recognition and constant work. I feel blessed that I worked in 12 other languages as well. I keep reaching out to directors and writers to see something more in me.”

Playing a vital role in the upcoming drama “Once Upon A Time In Bihar” which breaks the myth about the city and common people.

In the interview Ashish Vidhyarthi confessed that films are also responsible in distorting the image of people from Bihar, he said, “I beleive films are also responsible we ponder such things. We fail to recognise that there are more number of people as civil servant from Bihar than any other states.”

The film is slated to release on 30th October.

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