I am Happy with “A” Certificate: Madhur Bhandarkar

I am Happy with “A” Certificate: Madhur Bhandarkar

“I am Happy with Censor ‘A’ certificate” says versatile and realistic cinema mogul Madhur Bandharkar here in Pune during inauguration of his personal stylish Shiva’s Salon and Spa.

Shiva’s Salon is renowned Styling Salon and Spa chain, which opened latest state of the art spa in Pune. Madhur Bhandarkar and his Calendar Girls- Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh, and Satarupa Pyne inaugurated the Spa.

“Shiva is my friend and stylish for last nine years. This is his 11th spa showroom in Pune. I am happy for him; he had struggled a lot for his success. I think I have inaugurated close to 8 of his showrooms. So when he asked me to come, I said, I will bring all my Calendar girls with me” says Madhur.

Calendar Girls an upcoming hard hitting and realistic film based on the lives of five fashion models and highlights the glamorous and the ugly side of the fashion industry, has been approved by Censor with A certificate.

“Censor thought A Certificate is proper, and UA is not possible, it is okay, I am happy with it. Because they thought U/A certificate is not possible for such a thought provoking, hard hitting real cinema. But I am also happy that they didn’t cut anything in the movie” Says Madhur.

Madhur is known to bring out dark reality behind glossy images through series of diverse subjects and array of brilliant cinema such as Satta (2003), Corporate (2006), Page 3 (2005), Traffic Signal (2007), Fashion (2008) and Heroine (2012).

“I am happy with my Film. Censor loved it. I am just hoping that audience will love Calendar girls as much as they have loved all my earlier movies. So date is fixed with audience and Calendar girls this coming September 25th” says Madhur.

With New comers in the movie and an “A” certificate, most directors would be nervous and scared about audience, whether they will come to cinema or not, so any such feeling?

“See I have my own style, Madhur’s Style, and I wanted to make Calendar Girls with new comers, it is the demand of this subject, the platform of “Calendar Girls” is for new comers. There are five different stories, which I have integrated; it is never seen before, and absolutely new. I am hopeful that people would love it” says Madhur.