I don’t see any problem with CBFC says Ajay Devgn

I don’t see any problem with CBFC says Ajay Devgn

By News Helpline, Mumbai

Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D’Cruz, Esha Gupta, Vidyut Jamwal and filmmaker Milan Lutharia launched trailer of their upcoming film “Baadshaho” on Monday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Ajay stated that he doesn’t see any problem with CBFC.

In recent times, Many actors and filmmakers across Bollywood are criticizing CBFC for their policies regarding banning their films in inappropriate manner but some of industry member doesn’t have similar view on CBFC’s functioning  and a big name from the industry, Ajay Devgn sort of supported CBFC at his film trailer launch which was quite surprising, he said, “I really don’t know.. The films that I have produced or directed, I haven’t faced any kind of difficulties so I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t see a problem. I feel if we rationalize with them then all things get sorted out and it’s my personal opinion.”

When asked him about the experience again working with Emraan Hashmi in Milan Lutharia film, he said, “We share a great rapport. We have done a film together and there has never been complication between us. We get along really well. We chill out together in the evenings after shoot so it is very comfortable working with each other. We did our previous film with Milan so he understands both of us very well and I feel basically characters and story work in favour of the film, if characters and story is well defined than everything goes well”.

“Baadshaho” is action-adventure film set in the era of emergency, so when asked him whether there is any kind of difference in today’s action and yesteryear film’s action, Ajay said, “There is not much of difference but in this film, action is very realistic.  I have done some action with Vidyut so I had really fun doing it because when you have actor opposite you who knows action very well then action gets really better”

When asked Ajay whether acting for long period of time helps to play characters in better manner, He said, “Experience does matter. When you keep working, you learn every day. It’s a process, if you think you have learned everything then it is not possible as you learn things entire your life and each day you learn new things and learn from own as well as other’s mistakes”.

“Baadshaho” is high on drama, swag and action packed entertainment. It is set during a time when the central government was acquiring properties of erstwhile royal families but the film seems to be based more on action, and less concentrated on the historical background.

It is releasing on 1 September.

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