I don’t think I am really imaginative to become a producer or director says Vidya Balan

By News Helpline

Actress Vidya Balan attended The Outlook Business Women of Worth Awards on Thursday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Vidya stated that she is not really imaginative to become a producer or director.

When asked her whether she has any plans to become writer , director or producer in the future, she said, “I don’t think I am really imaginative. I can probably execute ideas better than have my own and also I don’t have discipline that requires to write as its very lonely process. I am someone who constantly seeks advice of someone. As far as, direction and production is concerned, no way.. They have to handle whole lot of people and their ego’s. I want to be handled and I am not going to handle anyone”

“There is producer at home so we would be tearing apart our hair if both of us are producer. I enjoy being an actor. This what I always wanted to be and I am living my dreams so I don’t feel any need to venture  into anything else”

When asked Vidya what ‘s her goals in next 10-15 years, Vidya said, “I just want to keep acting in next 40 years. I hope universe is listening and I hope it’s going to respond appropriately because acting is what I enjoy doing. I decided to be an actor at the age of 8 therefore, it’s not going to change. I don’t have specific goals. I hope I enjoy everything that I do because success and failures are really not in my control “

When asked Vidya what values she bring to the industry where looks garner more attention, Vidya said, “I don’t what values I bring to the industry but I know that I am constantly working at valuing myself. I think as a woman that’s the biggest challenge. Its constant challenge to value yourself and you have constantly remind yourself because you are conditioned not to. The more I value myself , the happier I get and the happier I get, the happier my world around me is so it all comes back down to valuing the woman you are”

Vidya next film ‘Tumhari Sulu’ is slated to release 17 November, 2017.

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