I don’t want to prove anything as a chairman of FTII says Anupam Kher

I don’t want to prove anything as a chairman of FTII says Anupam Kher

By News Helpline, Mumbai

Veteran theatre, film actor and alumni of FTII Anupam Kher appointed as chairman of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Kher stated that as a chairman of FTII he doesn’t have to prove anything hence, he is not feeling any kind of pressure.

Previously, under tenure of Gajendra Chauhan as chairman of FTII, there were many controversy surrounded FTII when film students opposed appointment Gajendra Chauhan as a chairman of FTII as they thought he wasn’t well deserved candidate for that post and they even gone on strike for more than 4 months in FTII, so when asked Kher, is he feeling any kind of pressure with his new appointment, he said, “I am not feeling any kind of pressure apart from happiness and sense of responsibility. I don’t want to prove anything. If my intensions are good and if I want to guide students in their journey then I don’t see any kind of pressure in that. If students feel that a particular individual has given a designation which he doesn’t deserve so it is completely understandable. I don’t want to go there with any kind of baggage. I want to start my journey with fresh perspective and I want to jointly contribute towards growth of FTII and film students along with the FTII’s governing body and my fellow teachers”

When asked about any specific plan to fulfill duties as chairman of FTII, Kher said, “I haven’t decided of any plan but I feel we can gain a lot with my experience and students enthusiasm and learning initiatives”

Talking about his feeling after appointed as chairman of FTII, Kher said, “It’s an honor and achievement for me but at the same time its huge responsibility for me that I have been declared as a chairman of FTII.”

“This opportunity has come to me at a time when I am relaxed. I have worked in domestic and international theatre and I also worked in various genres of films across Indian languages and world cinema for almost 45 years so I feel now I have enough amount of experience but I will not put burden on anyone because there is strong presence of governing body and teachers plus, I also have 3 years of experience in struggling in Bollywood so I will guide and work with students on their journey not as their leader but as their companion”

Anupam Kher is alumni of FTII and it’s a happy co-incidence that now he has been appointed as a chairman of same institute,  talking about that Kher said, “After 33 years in films, I can say that I have done 508 films but still god is continuously giving me.  I feel all dreams come true; you just have to work hard with honesty. Now, I have biggest achievement in my life that I firstly became chairman of National School of Drama, (NSD) , New Delhi and now in FTII, Pune and from both these prestigious institutions I studied my acting”