I want my son to stay away from limelight for now says Sonu Nigam

I want my son to stay away from limelight for now says Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam is well known singer in Hindi film industry and started his career at very young age as a child artist. His son Nirvaan is also gaining popularity but Sonu Nigam wants his son to stay away from limelight to preserve his innocence and childhood.

In an interview for his latest single “Aa bhi jaa tu” when asked about his son and his musical journey Sonu said, “My son is a famous child and he is a good boy. So I want his childhood to remain as it is. I don’t want him to loose his innocence in this profession. Currently me and my father are singing a lot together. My son might come later but not now may be after 5-6 years if he wants to be in this profession. He is multi talented boy in coming 5 years we will come to know what he wants to do in life.”

Talking about the father son duo with his son Nirvaan Sonu Nigam said, ” I would liked to do it but I don’t want to spoil his innocence. He should not start thinking being a star It happens when children become famous their attitude changes. And people will start judging him. Even when I was working as a child artist I have being teased by my other friends. So I don’t want to tarnish my son’s childhood.”

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