“I will read Twinkle’s Book” – Akshay Kumar

Actor Akshay Kumar has two big events happening in August. First his MMA classic action, Brothers will be releasing on 14th August, and second his wife, actor turned writer, Twinkle Khanna’s first book Mrs Funnybones will be unveiled on August 18.

Hubby Akshay umar is nothing but proud of wife and confesses that he has never read a book in his life, but he will change that habit for Twinkle.

“I have never read a book, except for Balbharati (textbook) in school. I have read scripts, but Twinkle’s is the first book I’ll ever read” says Akshay.

Twinkle Khanna’s first book Mrs Funnybones- is a collection of her columns written for Times of India paper over the last two years.

“I am always the first one to read whatever she writes. And I approve it before it gets printed. Seriously speaking, I do so because I don’t want any cases or any trouble for her. She comments on various things from politics to religion and she doesn’t mince her words. I am more diplomatic than her.  I would still call things grey, but she is an absolutely black-and-white person. That’s what I love about her. I can’t be that and I envy her for it” says Akshay Kumar, when asked he if reads Twinkle’s blog and articles.

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