I would love to play character of Rajeev Gandhi says Mohit Raina

I would love to play character of Rajeev Gandhi says Mohit Raina

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Television actor Mohit Raina launched cover page of Health and Nutrition featuring him on Friday in Mumbai.  During media interaction, Mohit said that he would love to play role of India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

When asked Mohit in which biopic he wants to work if he gets an opportunity, he said, “I would like to play Rajiv Gandhi. I was fascinated about him and his journey since my childhood so I would love to be part of the film which is based on his life”

Talking about his popular television serial, ‘Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev’ where he played character of lord Shiva, Mohit said, “There were lot of factors attached to it. The first and foremost factor is when you look the part, half the battle is won so I was blessed enough to look like Shiva’s character and later, things just fell in place and at the same time, we were focusing on his personal stories. We were not showcasing Shiva as a god who will just make decision or who would just do good thing for people. It was more about his personal life, his shortcomings and his journey. Shiva is a god which everybody is attached to some or other way”

Talking about his future project, Mohit said, “I am working on the next project which is taking lot of time. I think it should be out hopefully in January that’s something I am working on right now that’s why I am in this shape and I can’t reveal much about it but should be out soon”

There are regular news about casting couch in film industry so when asked Mohit does casting couch exists in television industry, he said, “I don’t think so because we have to understand that we have to follow rigid structure. It’s all very corporate, it is not something which is personal decision by a particular person so the call has to be taken by project head, creative director, director and producer so I don’t think entirely one individual has part to get you job so I don’t think it exists in television industry”

When asked Mohit whether he is satisfied with his television career or he is making any effort to enter into Bollywood, he said, “I think I am more than satisfied right now. I wasn’t trying too hard to work in Bollywood. There were lot of things that were happening but there was nothing substantial that I wanted to start with so that’s why I didn’t take it up. I was in talks with lot of people but I wanted to start with something very different. As of now, my needs and creative greed is being satisfied on idiot-box so I am more than happy”

When asked Nepotism exists in television industry as well, Mohit said, “I think talent will never have any dearth of work. All these words and definition, we can use till the time we can but at the end of the day, the product sells so you have to do your work and you have to make sure that you deliver and I feel other factors will always come and go”

Mohit who was last seen in Colors’ Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

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