I would not like to make biopic : Imtiaz Ali

I would not like to make biopic : Imtiaz Ali

The sufi director of Bollywood, Imtiaz Ali is not intrested in making any biopic.

Where lots of filmmakers are experimenting with biopics this talented director wants to stay away from the biopic genera.

He shares, ” I will prefer frictional over biopic as I enjoy more in making frictional story because there is more liberty.”

In all Imtiaz Ali movies travelling plays a vital role for his lead character explaing to the same he says,” I love travelling different places and in movies if my character travels it means I will also get the chance to travel.”

Talking further about the biopic on any  traveler he replied, “Famous traveler Edmond Hillary and there are few travelers on whom film can be made.”

For his film “Tamasha” he traveled to France and Tokyo for the shooting.

“Tamasha” feature ex-lovers Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone and the film is slated to release on 28th of November,2015.