Ihana Dhillon – Punjabi Cinema is Growing

Ihana Dhillon – Punjabi Cinema is Growing

The debutante of Hate Story IV, popular actress Ihana Dhillon expressed that Punjabi Industry is growing rapidly.

Ihana Dhillon hails from Punjab and she has worked extensively in Hindi and Punjabi Films. Talking about the difference between both the industries, she said, “I don’t see much difference in Punjabi films and Bollywood. I am from Punjab, I have done quite a few Punjabi films, and the industry is growing really fast. So budgets are almost same right now, and Bollywood actors are going towards Punjabi films”

“I think Punjabi cinema is working on content these days. I think the audience is getting smarter these days, they have started to accept the content and filmmakers are also exploring better content. See there isn’t much difference between the two industries, maybe perhaps Bollywood is bigger”

Having worked in both the industries has shaped a positive outlook for actress Ihana Dhillon, who believes in working all genres and different languages cinema.

“As an actor, one shouldn’t have barriers and constraints of roles or languages. I just don’t want to stick with Bollywood or Punjabi films; I would like to explore all sort of different movies” said Ihana.

Ihana Dhillon has a massive line-up in coming this year. She is part of 5 films from two differently massive industries.

Talking about her future releases and projects, she said, “I have just finished a Punjabi film, titled Gulam. And I am prepping for second Punjabi film titled Gunda. And I will start my next Hindi film on 20th August. I have 2 Hindi movies and 3 Punjabi films lined up this year, so it is really busy”

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